Wed, Feb 16, 2022

Why not consider a Vertical Rail?

If you do not have the space on your wall for a towel ladder, our Vertical Towel Rails are a great alternative for a tighter space.


Our vertical rails are a fantastic alternative to a ladder, as they are only 950mm long and 40mm diameter, so take up very little space. Perfect if installed individually in smaller spaces such as the powder room, you can simply drape your towels over the heated towel rail and be assured that the towels would always be dry for the next visitor.

But why restrict them to the smallest room in the house! They needn't always be used individually, why not create a statement in your family bathroom by installing three together in a bank, one for each of you.

Our full collection can be integrated to achieve a designer look, offering a perfect contemporary way to add the finishing touch to your bathroom giving you the flexibility of using multiple rails.

Please note however that these rails are not designed to be retro fitted. Therefore if you are renovating or building you will need to install the "In wall" fixing plate, at the rough in stage. This bar then allows the cable to be drawn through the wall, allowing for less precision drilling at the fit off stage, but also stability to the rail itself.

These rails are also (12V) low voltage a will need to be run through the transformer supplied.

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