We are always looking for ways to improve your experience of working with us, including the creation of easy to use on-line tools.

Floor Heating Kits Calculator

If you are considering using a Radiant Under Floor Heating Kit, you can use our calculator to work out what size mat you require and what part numbers you need to order through any of our floor heating retailers.

You can download the calculator using the button below. Once downloaded, open the file in Excel. If it opens in protected mode, click enable editing.

Now, simply enter the main dimensions of the bathroom and then add in any applicable exclusions for the bath, shower, toilet, vanity and any other areas you don't want heated. Our calculator will tell you what size matt you need, the electrical requirements and estimated running costs

Running Costs Calculator

How much does it cost to run is obviously one of the most common questions we get & the short answer is that it can vary quite a bit. The size & design of your home, the level of insulation, the temperature you want to achieve & the choice of using off-peak or standard rate power will all affect the heating costs.