SPG Home Group


Thermaniche project
Partnered with: Scott Parker Group

Radiant introduced the thermaniche products as a solution for builders and renovators, to save both cost and time.  A few years ago we were approached by one of our main plumbing merchants to partner with them in the introduction of these pre-fabricated shower niches for one of their customers Redink Homes.

Builders are always looking to value engineer their builds, and these innovative new products completely hit the mark. Traditionally installing a small wall niche in a bathroom, in a double brick or even frame built house is known to be very labour intensive and therefore expensive.  Manufactured from a one-piece construction high-density polystyrene core, with a liquid applied waterproof sealant that provides a ready-made waterproof substrate, Radiant's ThermaNiche solution is versatile, easy to install and ready to tile in minutes. Also guaranteed never to rot, degrade or leak. 

Subsequently this product has been such a success that the SPG group (except B1 homes) have decided to make these an integral part of every build specification across the group.

Other major building groups have since followed suit, and we now regularly sell these products through our extensive merchant network.