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The colourful world of Radiant

We are always looking to stay ahead of the trends in bathroom design, and have therefore in the last few years significantly invested in our range of colours as well as products, to meet the needs of every bathroom style.


The colourful world of Radiant

Radiant have for many years offered our Mirror Polished (chrome look) range of products, that now expand across a huge range of sizes and styles.

However the move toward the use of colour in bathroom accessories has since really gained popularity.

As such our range has extended considerably to introduce a number of  new colours, expertly developed to harmonize with so many different tapware and bathroom accessories brands in the market.

So whilst all Radiant rails are made from 304 grade stainless steel, to achieve the best finish for our colours we adopt various different finishing techniques:


Powder coating

We use powder coating not only as one of the most environmentally friendly methods of finishing metal products. Without using harmful solvents, it works by using an electrostatic spray gun to spray electrically charged powder on the surface to be coated. This is heated in a curing oven at more than 200-degrees Celsius, resulting in a smooth, uniform and durable coating. But also to achieve the most amazing matte finish on our BLACK towel rails.

PVD finish

We use PVD to coat all of our other colours in the range. We use it because it is a highly sustainable process with little to no waste and provides a durable and hard finish. It works by placing the rail in a high vacuum environment, to which is added several vaporized metals, which eventually form a thin film of metallic material that hardens to create the stunning colour finish. 

Floor Grates

Radiant have also extended these new colours into our floor grate range, that will match our towel rails perfectly.

The big difference being that our matt black floor grates are manufactured using a TEFLON coating. During our R&D phase we established that this would not only achieve the matt finish that we desired, but also would be the most durable coating against heat and chemicals.

Plus watch this space as there are more new colours in the floor grates coming soon!

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