Tue, Jun 22, 2021

Not just for hotels?

Ever wonder why the mirrors in the fancy hotels never fog up when you get out of the shower? Well we know why and this needn't just be for the top end of town!


Not just for hotels?

Finally there is a simple solution to those misted up mirrors in your bathroom. With a simple to install mirror demister, you no longer have to wait for the mist to clear before shaving, drying your hair, or putting on makeup.

When hot moist air makes contact with a cold surface, condensation forms immediately on that surface. The demister works by simply raising the surface temperature of the mirror sufficiently so that condensation doesn’t form in the area that has been heated (typically increasing the surface temperature by 15-20 degrees C). The mirror will feel warm to the touch, but the increased temperature will cause no issue with
the glass.
It usually only takes a couple of minutes for the demister to warm the mirror surface. By simply turning on the demister before taking a bath or shower, the mirror will remain mist free.

Heated mirror demister pads ensure that your mirror remains fog free even in the most steamy bathroom. Simply integrated into the lighting circuit ensuring that they are not left running.