Sun, Aug 28, 2022

New Light Gold finish comparisons

Following the launch of the Tiger Bronze finish last year, the decision has been made to rename this colour LIGHT GOLD. Now in stock!!


At the end of last year Radiant launched a colour called Tiger Bronze to compliment the Meir tapware range. The first batch that arrived into our warehouse at the beginning of the year, unfortunately did not match perfectly as it was a bit darker, due to the gloss anti-finger print coating.

We therefore decided to rename this batch and it became known as our new GLOSS BRONZE finish. Interestingly it transpires that it is actually a great match to a lot of the bronze tapware finishes on the market such as Brodware and Faucet Strommen.

Radiant have now developed a finish that will match with the Meir Tiger Bronze finish and other brands (such as ABI), and we are calling it LIGHT GOLD.

Please see some comparison images below:

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