Tue, Nov 16, 2021

Have you considered a timer

A Digital Timer Switch is an ideal solution for automatically controlling your heated towel rail. 


Have you considered a timer

No longer will you forget to turn it on, or leave the rail on all day because you can simply program the timer to turn your towel rail on before you get up and turn it off a few hours later when the wet towels have dried.

Your towel rail will need at least 30 mins to warm up to full temperature. Then another 30-60 mins to dry your towel, depending on the thickness of the towel, which is much longer than most people would usually spend in their bathrooms. If your towel rail is simply hardwired to a standard On/Off switch at the wall, then we believe that most people just leaving them running all the time!

By wiring your towel rail into one of our Digital Timer switches, you not only ensure that you experience all the benefits of a heated towel rail, but you will be saving on your electricity bills too.

Our modern touchscreen displays are designed to be the same size as a standard light switch, with blue backlit screen (screen only lit whilst programming) will look great on the wall of your bathroom.

With two easily programable settings, your towel rail can be set up in advance to come on and off twice a day.

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