Tue, May 18, 2021

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

It's cooling down outside so people are starting to consider Underfloor Heating in their Bathroom Renovations and New Builds, and here is why they should?



Underfloor heating has proved extremely popular in Europe for many years and the number of installations in Australia is growing every year as people discover the many benefits of this type of heating, which in many cases can provide the primary heat source for the room. For commercial projects or larger homes, a hydronic (water based) system is often the more popular choice, however for bathrooms then the electric cable system can be a very good choice.

With all underfloor heating systems, the floor is gently heated to a comfortable temperature (usually between 21 –28 deg C depending on the room) and the heat generated slowly radiates into the room, in turn heating the air from the ground up. This gives a very even heat distribution throughout the room and offers a level of comfort which is far superior to other forms of heating.

Besides the comfort of stepping on warm tiles, heated floors will prevent the buildup of mould as it allows excess water to be dried quickly. 

Traditional Reverse Cycle heating

Reverse cycle heating generates warmth at the ceiling level, and as the heat rises struggles to adequately warm lower areas.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating give you heating at the floor level, exactly where you want it.

For bathrooms alone, electric underfloor heating is the stand out choice as it is quick and easy to install, easy to control, requires minimal, if any, changes to building process or its design.

For the rest of the home the popular choice is to heat the main living areas (family/dining/kitchen) and this can be installed in a concrete slab (fixed to the reinforcing steel), on top of a slab prior to screeding (In Screed), or directly below the tiles (under-Tile).

Our easy to install Floor Heating kits are fully controllable from our digital thermostat controllers, that cover areas upto 23m2, and we have several solutions that will suit most needs.

Radiant Underfloor Heating kits

  • Comfortable, evenly distributed temperature throughout the room
  • Warmer at your feet than your head
  • A dry floor means less mould
  • Completely invisible
  • Greatly reduced dust circulation (perfect for families with allergies)
  • Economical to run
  • No heat lamps means exhaust fans can be placed over showers

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